5 Summer Fashion Trends for Winnipeg Men

With Spring well under way and Winter left in the rear view mirror, men are shedding their layers and trading their Sorels and Flannel for beautifully tailored blazers, designer denims and blue suede shoes. Men’s Summer 2015 fashion trends are anything but dull this season, with plenty of patterns, textures and sophisticated styles to chose from. Check out our guide to Summer 2015’s top men’s fashion trends:


There is nothing more attractive than a confident man rocking floral. Floral patterns for men have been beloved by premium fashion houses for decades. Everyone from Dolce & Gabbana, to Givenchy and Ralph Lauren have offered up their take on this recycled trend. However, while it remains on trend, incorporating floral into a gentlemen’s wardrobe can prove to be a tad tricky, especially if you’ve never worn it before. Just remember, less is more. Too much can make you look like a bad night at Studio 54. A floral short paired with a solid top works great, or even a pair of floral loafers can make your outfit pop.

  • Stripes


    The popularity of this trend never seems to wane; Stripes are timeless. As per usual, there is a virtual buffet of ‘stripey’ options to choose from out there, just waiting to be scooped up but be mindful of this particular pattern, you want to dress for your shape. Thick horizontal stripes can make you look wide, and too many stripes have the potential to make you look like an optical illusion! Much like floral patterns, think of stripes as your statement piece.

    Designer Denim

    Women have always been gaga for designer denim, but men tend to be more practical when it comes to their wardrobes. Jeans are just jeans, right? Not exactly. Come on gents, it’s time to put your best foot forward and shell out some coin for quality denim. Strike a balance, stay way from the overly cheap, and the overly expensive; Denim should be great quality, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. Choose 2-3 styles in versatile washes and you’ll have yourself numerous wardrobe options.

    Colored Blazer

    It’s time to trade the traditional stuffy sports jacket for a pop of retro-modernity. The perfect blazer can turn a guy in jeans and a simple white tee from boyish to dashing and debonaire in seconds. Pair a solid-coloured blazer with a patterned tee, or sweater with, and when it comes to all those backyard BBQ’s, there’s no simpler way to bring a little class to the party. Stay away from anything with heavy top-stitching or too much tailoring, the key to a long-lasting wardrobe is to keep pieces relevant and ageless.

    Retro Shades



    Fabulous sunnies aren’t merely reserved for the fairer sex, we know you guys love your ‘blinged’ out shades too, and lucky for you, every summer 2015 fashion editorial was emblazoned with funky sunglass choices. Sunglasses can be a relatively expensive purchase, but in keeping with the retro theme, try checking out your local thrift and consignment shops for affordable vintage deals. From mirrored aviators circa Top Gun to thick-rimmed tortoiseshell straight out of an episode of Mad Men, travel back in time and make a statement gents!